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Our Story

I am Chukwu Michael Chukwu, Executive Director, Pathfinders INET, Africa.

It all began, towards the end of the year 2015 in Abuja, Nigeria.

Before then, I have always been inspired by good leadership model and have also held several leadership positions from my Primary School days to my days in the higher institution of learning.
The passion for developing leaders began in 2015 when I set aside one month personal search at a separated place in Millennium Park in Abuja, to find out why I am born into this world, what exactly I am created to do. It was at this period of engaging in focus and reflective thinking, the vision and the dream of building generation of leaders were born. This one month was a turning point, a life time transforming experience.. It was at this time everything about Pathfinders INET, Africa was articulated.
By divine arrangements, in April 2016, the law of magnetism connected me and Prince Ikem Oduji and both of us collectively stretched the thoughts and finally landed it on 21st September, 2016.

It was on September 21st 2016, the first leadership training for youths was held, and had only 17 persons in attendance. From that very day, we had monthly Leadership Training, captioned ‘’EMERGING LEADERS ROUNDTABLE’’ for youth till February 2017.

The impact of this programme provided me an opportunity to be invited to KAPITAL FM, Abuja, for Radio Nigeria Network Programme “Zero To Hero” on February, 2017, which thereafter attracted Federal Capital Territory Secondary Education Board, and that gave birth to CATCH THEM YOUNG, Ethics and Leadership Development project for Senior Secondary School students in Abuja F.C.T, Nigeria.

The project had been carried out in over 18 schools in Abuja F.C.T. The impact of the project has been very tremendous. Today, other things are history. Pathfinders INET, Africa is growing men that will plant nations.

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