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Our Programmes


1. CATCH THEM YOUNG: This is one of the powerful programmes of the organization. It is captured in the organization’s vision to ensure that young people are inspired and empowered to discover themselves on time and to enable them develop their self-ideals, self-esteem and self-image. Bringing up a child rightly makes him/her independent; develop his social capacity, social responsibility and self-confidence. It focuses on high schools and college students.


2. GROWTH PLATFORM: John C. Maxwell once said, “The better you are, the greater your potential for tomorrow”. This programme is introduced for all young leaders to interact regularly and continue to invest in their growth. We believe that investment in people’s growth is an investment in their ability, adaptability and productivity. At this programme, we receive diverse training on leadership and interact with other great leaders on one-on-one basis, and through television and video conferences, for personal leadership development.


3. RETURN THE BOOK: It is an important offshoot programme of the organization. The aim is to revitalize reading culture in our society. In this programme, we teach people how to develop habit of reading. One month one book reading project, among the members of the organization, book drive and donations to secondary schools and clubs of young people are all captured in the programme. Reading competition, book review and writing and other reading support activities are all included in the programme.


4. LEADERSHIP DOSE: is a media, and public enlightenment programme of Pathfinders Int’l Empowerment Initiative Africa. At this programme, we sell the vision of the organization to the larger society. We also discuss leadership development processes and topics that help unravel the leadership challenges we face in our respective societies. The LEADERSHIP DOSE is a programme held in various radio and television stations. It is open for public partnership and sponsorship.


5. ANNUAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT (ALSUM): This is the organization’s annual Flagship Programme, which holds 2-3 days, by which leaders within and outside the country in all works of life gather to interact and have leadership workshop. The purpose is to share leadership experiences of various organizations and national leaders, through which, young and emerging leaders are inspired and equipped to be courageous to assume leadership positions. This particular programme would be first of its kind in the life history of our nation and Africa.

However, to achieve these noble programmes may be challenging in view of the fact that they would demand enormous resources. We shall continually seek the support and collaboration of other stakeholders including international Organisation, Government Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations and private sector organisations or individuals which share our ideals and belief. We do hope that such collaborations and partnerships would facilitate our efforts and inspire us the more in our quest to build and empower potential leaders for effective and transformational leadership.