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THE KEYS TO LEADING YOURSELF WELL: Someone recently told me, “I red Ur article on why leading myself is difficult, but U didn’t tell how I can lead myself well”. My response to him is what I want share with U . Can I tell U something? Greatness cannot be

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The Power of One

THE POWER OF ONE Alexander the Great was taken by his father as young boy to Aristotle to tutor him. Aristotle was a great thinker and philosopher of all times. His contemporaries believed he had answer to every question posed to him. One day, Alexander the Great asked Aristotle, “how

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10 Things Passion Can Do For You

TEN (10) THINGS PASSION CAN DO FOR YOU 1. Passion will make you cherish yourself more than others would have cherished you. 2. Passion will motivate you more than anyone could have motivated you. 3. Passion will make you believe things you would not have believed. 4. Passion will make

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Relegated & Rejected, Yet No Lesson Learned

IT WAS RELEGATED, REJECTED, NOW THEY ARE IN PAIN, YET NO LESSON LEARNED Many times I have been shocked of responses I got from some people whenever I talk about the most important thing that demands concerted efforts, deliberate support and intentional investment – LEADERSHIP. A deputy director in one

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