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Whenever I hear people define success as personal acquisitions and riches, I see them as people with limited knowledge on the concept of success. Though, success can be relative, even at that, it is beyond personal acquisitions and riches.

Let me clarify you on this subject matter. There are differences among these concepts; ACHIEVEMENTS, SUCCESS, SIGNIFICANCE & LEGACY.

ACHIEVEMENT comes when you do great things for yourself and your household only. It’s all about acquiring things for yourself alone. The concern of such person is about getting more and more for themselves, trying to rise above others.

SUCCESS comes when you empower people to do great things for you and for themselves. A successful person thinks beyond themselves. A successful person wants to see others maximizing their potentials. Therefore, they sow seeds that benefit others.

SIGNIFICANCE comes when a successful man empowers others to succeed, as well inspire them to empower others to succeed. Significance simply means a multiplication of success on the lives of others.

LEGACY is beyond helping others succeed. It’s a reposition of your organization or society to do better even when you’re gone already. Legacy lasts decades, even centuries. It’s all about changing the narratives of yesterday, and building a better future for those who come after you and the unborn.

You don’t have to be a governor, president or political office holder to build success, significance and legacy. Even privileged ones on such positions never cared about building success, significance or legacy. All they desire is continuous acquiring for themselves.
A life of success requires discovering your purpose in life, striving to maximize your potential and sowing the seeds that benefit others. Our society today is filled with high achievers, but lacks successful, significant and people of legacy.

History always write the names of successful, significant and legacy people on the marble, but achievers’ names are written on the mud – for they are remembered not when they are gone.

Now you know about the differences among these concepts, it’s of you to decide which category do you want to belong if you truly want to live again.

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