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In life, there are times for different things. Inside each “time”, there are “turns”. In every “time” God presents to us, there are many “turns” inside the “time”.

You went to school, graduated. Now, your “time” to get a job. Of course everyone knows it’s your “time” to get your desired job, but it’s not your “turn”. Some persons’ “turns” come before yours, and your own “turn” will come before others. For inside the “time”, there are “turns”

It’s your time to get married, but inside this time for you to marry, you have your own “turn”. For Inside every “time” God brings you to, there’s your own “turn”. For inside the “time” there are “turns”.

It’s your time to build your own house, but it might not be your own “turn”. Inside your “time”, you have your own “turn”. Inside a “time”, there are “turns”.

Yes, your “time” is up to have a child, even children. But it might not be your “turn”. For inside the “time”, there are “turns”. Your “time” is up, but your “turn” is not up.

It’s the “time” for you to build your own house. But it might not be your own “turn”. For inside a “time”, there are “turns”.

There’s “time” for everything under the sun. But inside each “time”, there are “turns” for everyone. In those days in the university, we lined up to register as new intakes in a particular time. In the “time” of each registration processes, there are “turns” for each one on the line. Some persons “turns” came before others. When it’s a “turn” of each person, the person became the “first”, yet many were still behind the person. Each time it came to any person’s “turn”, the person became the first. Throughout those days in the university, we had different times for different things, and in each of them, there are “turns” for everyone. In the period of NYSC, begining from collection of kits to collections of food, there are times for all activities, and each of these times, there are “turns” for everyone to get his due. I have also experienced “times” and “turns” in many things of life. And life has taught me many things and lessons. Your “turn” can come earlier than some, while others come later than yours. Each “time” and “turn” that come to you, make the best experience of it, and wait for fruits that come with it.

Yes, it’s the “time” for you to get what’s due to you, but you have to wait for your “turn”. When your “turn” comes, you will be the first, and many will still line behind you.


Chukwu Michael Chukwu,
Leadership Developer and Capacity Builder.

Our passion is to build men and safeguard generations.