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Because one is professionally competent does not guarantee the person’s leadership competence. If you doubt this, then question for you is, how do we have so many competent professionals in various sectors in Nigeria economy, yet there’s total leadership failure in all sectors? The reason is simple. We have so many professionals, but lack leaders. professional competence doesn’t guarantee leadership competence. Professionals know how to succeed themselves; leaders know how to help many people succeed with him. Professionals know how to organize their ideas and utilize their skills; leaders know how to organize the people, discover their potentials and develop them. Professional skills help an individual to succeed, leadership skills empower a leader to harness other people’s skills to succeed with them. A leader knows how to influence and harness professionals to succeed with him. He or she knows how to help others succeed collectively.

Therefore, those who thought themselves, “I don’t have business with learning leadership because I am professionally competent”, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Many organizations liquidated not because they lack professional competence, rather because they lack leadership competence. If you still doubt it, ask Nokia, blackberry and many alike what happened to them.

Don’t think you can just become automatically a leader. Leadership skills are taught; leadership skills are learned; leadership skills are acquired. Acquire the skills now to grow a better leader. Invest in your leadership potentials. We can help you discover your leadership potential, help to nurture your potential, equip you and develop you. Distinguishing yourself begins from investing in your leadership. Start now!

In Pathfinders INET Africa, we help professionals become good leaders, and potential leaders become capable leaders.;
Chukwu Michael Chukwu,
Leadership Developer and Capacity Builder