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The Power of One


Alexander the Great was taken by his father as young boy to Aristotle to tutor him. Aristotle was a great thinker and philosopher of all times. His contemporaries believed he had answer to every question posed to him.

One day, Alexander the Great asked Aristotle, “how many can be one?” Aristotle told him in their next day lecture, he would give him the answer. Next day, Alexander the Great reminded Aristotle of his yesterday question. Then, Aristotle answered him that “one can be too many”. An answer that made Alexander the Great to keep thinking for four to five years. At the age of 17, Alexander the Great began the war of conquering the world, which was his dream. At the age 32, Alexander the Great had conquered the military forces of all the ancient kingdoms and empires. He defeated many kingdoms and empires, and changed the world narratives. He started as one person. Did you know, Alexander the Great lived over a century before Christ? But if his name is mentioned today many would think he was a man of 20th century.

Dear friend, dream is conceived by one person. Actions to make it a reality must also start by one person. What’s your dream? Are you afraid of starting it because it’s only you? If you’re waiting for others to join, you will wait in vain. They will never until you start pursuing it passionately. Rise up today! Start pursuing that your dream! God and forces of nature will come to your aid. Law of magnetism will provide you with like minds soon if you dare to start. Listen to me! Honestly, it won’t be easy but it’s possible. At a point, you may feel like giving up. Don’t! Many times I felt like giving up, even now. Remain tenacious! One day, radio will carry your name, television will carry name; your generation will hear your voice; the world will hear name. I repeat, it won’t be easy, but it is possible.

Your friend,
Chukwu Michael Chukwu.
Leadership Developer and Capacity Builder