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Someone recently told me, “I red Ur article on why leading myself is difficult, but U didn’t tell how I can lead myself well”.
My response to him is what I want share with U .
Can I tell U something? Greatness cannot be achieved without self leadership. It’s not something optional, but compulsory. I also know that d toughest person to lead is me because I hav sometimes failed myself. Leading Urself well means U hold Urself to a high standard of accountability than others do. And U can take d following steps I called “FASP” which I personally try to do:
*COMMIT TO FOLLOWERSHIP: Only leaders who hav followed well know how to lead others well. It’s d one who has followed well understood how followership works. Followership is not d same as sycophancy & praise singing seen in Nigeria political system. A leader who had followed well knows how to connect wit followers becos he has worked in their shoes, & that taught him how authority & power should be exercised. Those who cannot follow well or submit to an authority tend to be prideful, rigid & autocratic.
*LOOK FOR ACCOUNTABILITY: During our leadership development programme in d Senior Secondary Schools in F.C.T, we always persuaded d participants to hav accountability partner, who they trust & would be honest to tell them d truth. A good leader knows he cannot trust himself, D4 encourages his people to tell him what he needs to know not what he wants to hear. U must be accountable to whatever thing U do. Lack of accountability in personal life will eventually lead to problems in our public life.
*SELF-DISCIPLINE: It’s ability to do d right thing U’re supposed to do when U should do it even U feel like not doing it. Anyone who wants to conquer d world, will first conquer himself. Each of us is a kingdom & our ability to rule ourselves well make us good kings. It takes self-discipline to do d right things; just as I disciplined myself to sit, think & write so I can add value to U.
How consistent are U in Ur actions & Ur decisions to reject wrong things or do d right things? Without self-discipline, it’s difficult to lead Urself, & leading others becomes more difficult. Without self-discipline, U’re a captive of anything.
*EXERCISE PATIENCE: Nothing worthwhile comes quick. There’s nothing like instant greatness or instant success. Life is not a race, also leadership. One important thing dis generation lacks is patience.
Without patience life is miserable