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What you plant determines what you reap, and how long you should be patient. A person who plants ORANGES will not reap the same time with one who plants 🌽 CORNS. Their times of patience also not the same. If what you are planting is ORANGE, then be ready to have a very long time of patience. But if what you are planting is corn, 3-4 months of patience is enough you harvest. Therefore, what you are planting determines the length of your patience and the time of your reaping. If I am planting ORANGE, I don’t expect to reap when someone who plants CORN is reaping, and our time of patience cannot be the same.

The person who plants CORN can harvest in just few months, and plant again. He repeats his planting in several seasons, with much labour. But the person who plants ORANGE do that in a season, and his planting demands many years of patience in watering the farm and dressing it. There’s need to understand clearly the kind of SEED (DREAM) you’re planting and the time it will take to start bearing fruits for you. If you do not understand the kind of SEEDS (DREAM) you are planting, the labour and the patience demand of it, you may begin to compare yourself with those planting seeds that demand short time of patience when you see them start harvesting, and this may force you to quit while it demands you to be patient and wait. If I have a field of 🍊 ORANGE, I should know it takes many years to grow them and wait patiently to start harvesting. And when I start to harvest, I can harvest as long as 10 years and more. My years of patience cannot be the same with one who’s planting 🌽 CORN. And my years of reaping cannot be the same as well.

A corn farmer plants and harvest in just few months, and labour again and again in another season. But an orange farmer plants, has patience many years in watering and dressing the farm, waiting for the time of harvest to start in 4 to 5 years time.

What dream are you pursuing, is it a dream you will start reaping in a year, two, five or even ten years to come. There’s need to know and understand clearly how big your dream is so you would avoid comparing yourself with others. Many people quit because they do not know their dream and understand clearly how long it will take to start bearing fruits. If only they had known,they wouldn’t have quitted.

People of big dream are not being distracted by the happenings around them. They don’t compete with everyone, they compete with themselves. Know your dream, understand how big it’s and you would appreciate the challenges that follow it. Don’t be distracted. Be focused! “If you don’t create the future you want, you must endure the future you get”.

Written by your friend,

Chukwu Michael Chukwu, Leadership Developer and Capacity Builder