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What Nigeria Needs Now or Never


People have reasons they go into any venture. Be it business, career, profession, marriage etc. A business man has a reason of going into a particular business. The same applies to career, marriage etc. It is the reason you go into a particular venture that gives you a dream and a picture (vision) of the future you want to see and be. If you don’t have a reason of going into a particular venture, you will just be floating around. And no one has ever made a progress by floating. If a reason of a thing is not known, its abuse is inevitable. This principle is applicable to everyone, in everything we do and in every society, including countries.

Any country you see today that’s developed; be it in Europe, America, Asia etc, defined and understood their REASON for existence and their REASON for coming together as a nation. They were able to ask themselves, “if we are coming together as a country, what is our REASON”. Is this REASON enough to keep us together? It is their definition and understanding of the REASON that gives them a DREAM and a VISION to pursue as a nation. American States have a common Reason that brought them together as a United States. Their Reason gave them what they called “American Dream”, which gave them “American Vision”. This is the same to every great and developed country you see today. Be it United Kingdom, France, China, Singapore etc. They all defined and understood their REASON for existence and their REASON for coming together as one country which gave them a dream and a vision as a country. It’s upon these fundamentals the directions to take as a country become clear and defined to them. Without a people defining and understanding their REASON for coming together and their existence as a nation, they would never have a clarity of vision they have for their country and directions to take to reach their ”dream nation”.

Let’s face the reality. What’s the REASON that brought us together as a Nigeria country? What exactly is the REASON of the founders of Nigeria nation?
Honestly, I can’t point on any reason for our togetherness as a nation and no Nigerian can say this is our REASON for coming together as a country. No Nigerian can say with facts this is what is known as “Nigeria DREAM”. No Nigerian can say this is what I know as a “Nigerian VISION”. No one can give a factual answer to any of this question.
Then, let me ask you; how do you think a country her citizens don’t even know the Reason for being together as a country can make progress?
A country that doesn’t have a Reason for existence, how can it have a Dream, let alone having a vision of the future? This is the reality of what Nigeria is.
Every American knows why they exist as America; also knows “American Dream”, and this knowledge is passed to younger and unborn generations. This is not only found in America, it is also found in all developed and serious nations.

At my age, late 30s, I cannot say this is the REASON I am in a country called Nigeria. Even the so called elders and leaders can’t even say with facts this is WHY we exist as one country called Nigeria. This is our DREAM as a nation; and this is our VISION as a country.

What we should do first and foremost is to drop this, manipulative, fraudulent and meaningless 1999 constitution; then come to ask ourselves; can we be a united country? If we can, then why (Reason) do we want to be a united country? What should be our Dream as a united country? What is the vision we should have as a country?
It’s our sincere answers to these fundamental questions that would give us directions to take as a nation. Without facing this reality, we will continue to float around.
Until we define our purpose of existence and purpose of coming together as a country, we will never never make any progress as a nation, but rather continue to float around.

One benefit of facing this reality is that it will make us know Why we have come together as one nation and where we are going as a country. Secondly, citizens can know this is the DREAM and the VISION of their country. Thirdly, this will guide us on the directions to take in our journey to greatness and nationhood. Fourthly, those entrusted with leadership positions, having known our Reason for nationhood, our Dream and our Vision will align their policies and programmes toward our Dream irrespective of the part of the country the leaders come from.

By taking these processes, a great nation is born, a formidable progress has begun. If not, we are just wasting time. One day, there will be no Nigeria because there has never been a Nigeria in the first instance.

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