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10 Things Passion Can Do For You


1. Passion will make you cherish yourself more than others would have cherished you.
2. Passion will motivate you more than anyone could have motivated you.
3. Passion will make you believe things you would not have believed.
4. Passion will make you feel things you would not have felt.
5. Passion will make you attempt things you would not have attempted.
6. Passion will give you hope that no one would have given you.
7. Passion will make you meet people you would not have melt.
8. Passion will make you motivate people you would not have motivated.
9. Passion will make you accomplish things you would not have accomplished.
10. Passion will make you lead people you would not have lead.

The above ten (10) are my discoveries in the course of pursuing my passion of teaching and speaking on leadership and adding value to the people.

There are only two things you cannot regret in life. The first is serving God. The second is following your passion.

The day you discover your passion and follow it, the day you find joy within yourself.

Powerful thought from CHUKWU MICHAEL CHUKWU, Leadership Developer and Capacity Builder.



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